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Bureau of Beer

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Narcotics

Rob Sims
Imperial Brewmaster

Chemical Weaponry?
The Bureau of Beer strongly refutes the contention that the last batch of  The Emperor's Socks dark bitter beer contravenes the International Chemical Weapons Ban treaty. While Colegrovia is not a signatory of the weapons ban treaty we intend to abide by its provisions. After all,  Socks is not that bad after a couple of 44's of malt liquor.

Don't Take Chances
The Imperial Brewmaster reports that his Transylvania Passport garlic beer is totally effective in warding off vampires. Extensive testing resulted in no neck injuries other than a  few hickeys. Don't take chances. Drink a few Transylvania Passports before venturing out at night.

Echter Supplies Still Dangerously Low
Even with the successful Echter raid on August 1, the Imperial supply of Julius Echter beer has reached critially low levels. With only 1 bottle remaining in stock the Secret Police report rioting is likely. The Emperor is willing to pay a nice complement to anyone who can locate a Julius Ekter beer merchant in California.